Trinity Centre for Biodiversity & Sustainable Nature Based Solutions

Working with nature to provide solutions to global challenges and ensure sustainability

What is Nature+?

Nature +, The Trinity Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Nature-based solutions is a multidisciplinary team of researchers based in Trinity College Dublin that makes discoveries about the natural world and human interactions with nature, and develops solutions for quantifying and sustainably managing natural capital.

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Our Vision

A world where Natural Capital stocks with multiple benefits for the economy, society and businesses are valued, used sustainably, renewed and restored.

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Climate change
Human Population Pressure
Rising Population
Economic Transition Policies
Industrial strategies


Resource Depletion & Limitation
Increase in Natural Hazards
Public Health and Wellbeing
Equitable Socio-Economic Transition


Sustainable Bioeconomy and Circular Economy
Use Natural solutions for Natural hazards
Improve Health & Wellbeing
Education & Innovation